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Things not to do in a relationship
3 Things you should never do in a relationship

There are little things that make or break a relationship. From sweet surprises to unnecessary ugly fights, you have to decide what you want in yours. If the person you are returning to at the end of the day doesn’t feel like home, there are chances that there’s something wrong in your partner or relationship.

While there’s no magic book to teach you how to brew a perfect relationship, there are a few dos and don’ts that one should keep in mind, in order to avoid landing in unnecessary situations.,tennis trainer rebounder ball

So, if you are on the lookout for what not to do in a relationship, here are 3 things that are a big no.,tennis ace serve

man and woman standing

basketball court lines png,Think before complaining

tennis junior nationals 2021,While it is okay to complain once in a while about genuine things, but always complaining about every small thing is not something one should do. This not only brings sourness to a relationship but also make you look like a negative person who is not happy at any cost. So, the next time you plan to complain about something, pause and think whether it is necessary or you can do away with it.

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soccer socks easy to put on,Cut short your demands

volleyball hand signals drawing,Would you like to have a demanding partner? The answer most probably would be a no. It is cute when your partner asks for gifts or your time, but if it goes over the top, it can be a turn off for your relationship. Constant unnecessary demands can not only make one look like a gold digger but also leave a bad impression about one’s personality.

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Don’t spread negativity,tennis equipment list for beginners

Many will agree when we say that there are some people who have negative vibes in them. Their presence not only makes one lose their calm but also create a toxic environment. Hence, avoid snapping at your partner at small things, and create a positive, warm, and cosy atmosphere that feels like home. After all, at the end of the day, no one would feel like coming back to a person who is busy in their own world.,big wooden cricket bats

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